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1337, the first coding school to open in Morocco

1337 School, specialized in computer programming, will open its doors at the end of September in Khouribga, Morocco. 150 students will be part of the first program of this atypical institution. Explanations.

Code, code and more lines of code … Amateurs, enthusiasts or experts in computer programming will soon devote themselves, for hours, to write lines of code in Javascript, HTML or CSS. In late September, the 1337 school will open its doors in the city of Khouribga, according to the Huffpost Maghreb. A first in Morocco.

This training dedicated to coding and computer programming, completely free and open for the public (24h / 24h and 7d / 7d), is not the only one on the market, but it is unique. Unlike its main competitor (the ADA Code Academy), 1337 is based directly on the American concept of “peer-learning”.

1337 originates from the programming language “Leet speak“,  initiated by some engineers in the late 80s. It uses alphanumeric characters (the 5 replaces the S, the 7 replaces the T …), for the purpose of be the least understandable possible.

This teaching method consists of self-learning students in pairs. One of the advantages of this training: it is accessible to all and does not require specific degrees. Only an Internet test is necessary to reach the final stage of admission to the coding school.

Registration for the first online test is already open. Memory and logic exercises are on the menu of this preselection. The results will determine if the candidate is fit to participate in the ultimate and formidable test of the “pool”. At the end of this competition, 150 students will become the first “class 1337”.


Amine Benkeroum

A 26 yo geek from Morocco, who loves innovation, startups, new technologies and meet smart people to improve my skills and build new technologies.

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