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FOD Start-up: Innovative restaurant using cutting edge technologies in Marrakech

The very first connected restaurant has just opened in Marrakech. From ordering to inventory management, everything is digital, where papers have no place. Behind this start-up, a 32-year-old Tech Entrepreneur from the heart of the red city.

For more than 3 weeks, a new address in Marrakech stirs the curiosity and greed of many. It is the first “connected restaurant” of the kingdom. Located in the center of the ocher city, FOD, for Food on Demand, is an atypical place, immersed in a friendly space like Californian start-ups.

At the origin of this new concept, there is a greedy geek, Hamza Aboulfeth. A 32-year-old tech enthusiast who, after dropping out of university, continues his studies in the largest American and European schools. He prides himself on having completed an Executive Program at Harvard University in addition to an Executive MBA he is currently preparing at EM Lyon Business School.

This Marrakchi by origin and birth, serial-entrepreneur, is an addict of computer science and new technologies. Its first company, Génious, launched in 2008, employs more than twenty people and generates more than 12 million dirhams (1.08 million euros) in turnover. It provides hosting, cloud plans and websites, as well as publishing various web solutions.

Food on demand.

The innovative concept of FOD was part of the applications engineering by Genius, the first company of Hamza Aboulfeth. “I’m not a restaurant owner and it’s not really my thing, but I’m convinced that the technology we provide can help, and it can also tackle many issues,” says Hamza, who also promises a different client experience, without the human contact or almost.

Once you sit at one of the twelve tables of the restaurant, the customer have to use a tablet as a menu, but also remote control a new generation jukebox that plays music inside the enclosure. “The Waiter is only there to serve orders and rid the tables, everything else is automated and in a direct communication with the kitchen,” says this neo-restaurateur.

In the kitchen too, digital has taken up place. Next to the stoves and pans, the cooks each have a tablet to manage their work. The technical sheets of the dishes have been scanned, and for each order, the cook has already all the ingredients he will need in a blink of an eye.

“This makes it easier for me to supply raw materials without any stress. It is also a considerable time saving technique “, welcomes the interlocutor, who can have an idea at any time about the quantities available for each element. The app also allows him to know the cost price for each dish displayed on his card, and adjust the quantities when needed.

At the end of each month, the program will produce statistics and insights on which dishes are most popular and which ones are not very popular and another data that can help the business grow. An update of the map is scheduled on a regular basis.


Amine Benkeroum

A 26 yo geek from Morocco, who loves innovation, startups, new technologies and meet smart people to improve my skills and build new technologies.

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