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A new AI developed by Intel to protect African species from poaching

A camera equipped with artificial intelligence will protect African elephants from poaching, a great idea that should give a big boost to African rangers!

It was an idea of Resolve association, in partnership with the National Geographic Society and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The TrailGuard AI camera will be placed in the homes of African elephants to identify poachers before they act. To identify them, it will be able to rely on its artificial intelligence, developed by Intel.

Poaching is a real scourge for elephants. Their hunting is so widespread that forest rangers struggle to protect them effectively. The latter are indeed very few to cover gigantic areas. For example, as Engadget reports, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania has only 150 forest rangers to protect an area the size of Belgium. Fortunately, a solution to the problem is emerging. TrailGuard AI could indeed give a big boost to the defenders of African ecosystems.

Censored photos using a TrailGuard device show poachers in Africa carrying bush meat (left) and moving through a natural area. (Credit: RESOLVE)

This camera uses visual chips developed by Intel to identify people and animals that wander in its field of vision. The project would therefore be to place them on the various access paths to the nature reserves so that they automatically alert the guards in the event of a suspicious individual’s passage. This camera was developed based on previous work by Resolve.


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